The Paks II. project received the electricity implementation license

11/20/20 11:20 AM
The HEA license increases the number of major licenses, such as the environmental license and the site license.

Paks II. Ltd., the company responsible for the construction of the two new Paks units, received the so-called electricity implementation license from the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) on 19 November. The HEA license is of key importance in connection with the start of the construction of the new units as electricity generating units, and will increase the number of major licenses such as the environmental license and the site license, said István Mittler, the company's communications director.

Paks II. Ltd. submitted the implementation license application for the new units to the HEA on 9 October 2020, fulfilling its obligation under the Electricity Act.

The electricity implementation license received now – together with the implementation license about the nuclear facilities, issued by the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority – is a requirement to start the construction, production, acquisition and assembly works. 

As previously reported on the website of the energy authority, the implementation license for the last new power plant investment over 50 MW was issued by HEA in 2007, 13 years ago.