The new IT system of Paks II. Ltd. aced the test

4/8/20 9:41 AM
The Paks II. Ltd. now has its own unified, modern IT toolset. The system was well-tested and also works well home office.

Robust, failure-tolerant, redundant, able to fully meet current and medium-term needs – that’s how Zsolt Szentgyörgyi, head of the Infocommunications Department described the new IT service and toolsystem of Paks II. Ltd.

Since Paks II. Ltd. has constantly changing tasks, the information and communication technology services are constantly expanding and changing. The company previously purchased a significant portion of its IT services as an external service. This would have involved a repeated tender procedure every two-three years, and a possible exchange of service providers and equipment. In addition to the fact that IT independence is essential in a project of this size, there are many benefits to providing your own services and tools. For this reason, two years ago, the development of our own IT environment began with the preparation of the IT Strategic Plan. The transition made on this basis was practically implemented as a “greenfield” investment.

– It is given to a very few IT specialists to see the birth of a new IT system of this size from the basics. Here, we really could be part of it from the beginning, because we saw and did everything from concreting the machine rooms, placing the EMC mesh providing electromagnetic shielding to cabling, and installing the servers. We were part of a really exciting task. It was a fantastic feeling to see how much human capacity and professional knowledge we have here on site, in our team – summed up Zsolt Szentgyörgyi, head of the department. In his words, the IT service system, like utilities, must always be available. An IT system is good if there is little talk about it.

Our own system and set of services means the most flexible solution possible for both current and future planned tasks and functions. The loadability and fast transformability of the system guarantees that fast and efficient IT solutions will be created on a stable basis for all emerging needs.

Paks II. Ltd.'s new, modern, unified IT toolkit speeds up the work processes on all fronts. Its creation was a long process that matured when, on the weekend of commissioning, each piece of the puzzle was put in its place and the entire infocommunication system was built. The transition itself was a unique job, as it is customary to build systems of this scale and size in several parts, functionally fragmented. Nevertheless, we managed to start the IT system, which has been doing its job with adequate performance and reserves ever since. Three weeks after the transition, the company was also prepared to provide the conditions for working from home. – For most applications, remote access was already resolved, but it was not fully tested as we did not plan for this solution. In the case of all applications, this had to be rethought and the necessary steps had to be taken – Zsolt Szentgyörgyi outlined. – We are able to use all our programs in home office mode with our own devices, with full functionality. Virtually all of our colleagues were provided with the conditions to work from home by accessing the service packages, the head of department informed.

The system is a tool in the hands of the company to perform its tasks as good as possible. With modular expansion and the implementation of annual development plans, it is guaranteed to serve all known and as of yet unknown needs with outstanding performance throughout its entire life cycle.
The next major step in the development is the introduction of an asset management module that accompanies the entire life cycle of the data storage and equipment.

- This match went live, with a lot of challenges on the field. Those who have been involved in this work may say that they were present at the birth of the „system child” and may also be part of its upbringing. Such high-volume projects are the best for team building. To sum up, perhaps the easiest way to know it is that before we were IT specialists of Paks II., today it is clear, we are the IT of Paks II. – said the head of the Infocommunications Department.