The new Facebook column of Paks II. Ltd. calls for a virtual tour

4/16/20 8:42 AM
Paks II. Ltd.'s recently launched Facebook column, the Our Region - Our Value series, introduces forty-seven settlements.

The newest Facebook column of Paks II. Ltd. draws attention to the values of the region. A few weeks ago, the new series entitled Our Region - Our Value was launched, with the help of which virtual roamers can reach forty-seven settlements.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant has been living in symbiosis with the area surrounding the facility for decades. In the surrounding settlements, there is also strong interest in the Paks II. project. The Paks Social Council was established to represent the villages and towns in the vicinity of the investment, to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of information, and as of today it consists of forty-seven settlements. Paks II. Ltd. pays special attention to the area receiving the investment, including the direct information of the residents there. At every significant moment of the investment, the people living in the area received first-hand information, either through the local press, sometimes through public forums or other means of communication - newsletters, roll-ups. The mobile exhibition presenting the role and significance of nuclear energy, the nuclear power plant and Paks II. project, ie the interactive truck, has already visited the settlements of the area, but the information tent of the project company has also made its debut there.

In addition to the traditional tools, the new communication interfaces will also be used by the project company coordinating the construction of the two new nuclear power plant units. Such is the company's social site, where in addition to current information, it also posts thematic sections. A series on climate protection has recently been completed, under the name of „TámogAtom” (a Hungarian pun on „I support nuclear”), which aimed to make as many people as possible aware of the fact that nuclear power plants do not emit carbon dioxide during their operation with short messages and therefore play an important role in climate protection.

The recently launched column called Our Region - Our Value also conveys an important message, namely that the Paks region - from here on the Danube, and over the Danube - hides a lot of treasures. The new column does not undertake to list them item by item, it just „flashes” one of them one by one, by „walking through” these settlements.

This series aims to further strengthen the relationship between the project company and the settlements. Let’s hope that many will discover a photo, a short description of their own settlement and, with some sharing, help others to do the same. And if they visit the Facebook page of Paks II. Ltd., they will be also informed about other news related to the project.