The importance of the nuclear energy in the EU can now be seen online

2/26/20 6:54 AM
The new online tool of shares information about the carbon neutral electricity generation in the European Union, refreshed by daily data.

The nuclear power plants provide currently the most clean energy in the European Union – you can check it at the new online tool on Foratom’s webpage. The summary started on 24 February shares daily refreshed information about the EU’s carbon-neutral electricity production and the distribution of the total electricity generation. One can also check country by country how the member states produce their electricity. The statistics on’s page are based on daily data of European Network of Transmission System Operators, ENTSO-E. 

– With this tool, we aim to show the significant role which nuclear plays in terms of providing Europe with the low-carbon electricity it needs – stated Yves Desbazeille, DG of Foratom regarding the start of the online tool. 

At the start of this new tool, nuclear energy provided almost 42% of clean energy in the European Union.