Preventive measures for Paks II. Ltd.

3/16/20 10:37 AM
Paks II. Ltd. has introduced extraordinary measures due to the appearance of the corona virus in Hungary. Continuous work is ensured at the project company.

István Lenkei, CEO of Paks II. Ltd. announced: from March 16, 2020, until cancellation, the company assigns employees to work from home, except at the managerial and project manager levels, and considering the fact that a limited number of colleagues still need to be present in the office for the continuity of the work.

The Paks II. Pandemic Situation Management Group, which meets regularly, continuously monitors and makes decisions in accordance with the recommendations, guidelines and governmental measures of the Operational Corps.

The CEO stated: Paks II. Ltd. through its internal information channels, informs its employees from the very first minute about the actions required to prevent the infection. The project company, which is coordinating the construction of the two new nuclear power plant units, is committed to maintaining the health of its employees, and has therefore already introduced several precautionary measures. Paks II. Ltd. has hand disinfectants on its premises, and the cleaning service handles and intensifies the disinfection of common areas, deviating from the usual procedure. In addition, the company provided face masks to its employees and had previously asked them to conduct their meetings via video conferences wherever possible and to suspend delegacies abroad.

István Lenkei added: the company’s IT system is suitable for the employees to work from home, the continuous work is ensured.