Paks II. Ltd. is going to gift two hundred packages to orphanages

11/30/21 11:16 AM
As in previous years, the company responsible for constructing the two new NPP units has joined several charities this year as well.

This is the third year that Paks II. Ltd. - jointly with other organizations working on the project - joined the fundraising initiative started by the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), so that the Christmas wishes of young people living in children's homes could be fulfilled.

– As last year and the year before, the staff of the ministries and their background institutions are coming together this year to make the upcoming holiday more festive for those living in orphanages. An exceptionally large number of colleagues applied to the charity program. We undertook to assemble a total of 204 packages. Because of the great desire to donate, in addition to the children's homes in Tolna County, we can also make Christmas more beautiful for some of the children and young people living in children's homes in Heves County, said István Mittler. The Communications Director of Paks II. Ltd. added that they had received the children's wishes from EMMI, thus the personalized gifts were made.

István Mittler said that a chocolate collection was also announced among the staff this year. In this way, the Paks II. team can assist the activities of the clown doctors of Caritas Foundation. The sweets are taken to the Paks collection point, the Paks FM’s studio, to be delivered later to the hospitals for the children who spend the holidays there.

– We believe that it does not matter what form the gift takes, because the most important thing is care. And this is especially important now, at a time of pandemic, the director underlined.

– It is not only at this time, as Christmas approaches, that we join a charity action.


My co-workers regularly inform me if help is needed somewhere. In such cases, we turn to our colleagues with a call, as we did in the middle of September, when we organized a collection for the surgical treatment of a little girl with a mobility impairment, Kitti - István Mittler detailed. He added that the parents informed that the necessary amount had been raised together with the other donations, so the so-called myotenofasciotomy surgery can be performed in Barcelona later this year.
This year, the employees also volunteered, they made the surroundings of the Wondergarden Kindergarten and Mini Nursery and the Vilmos Csapó Elementary School in Dunaszentgyörgy and the elderly home in Kalocsa more lovely.

– The fact that it is good to give is also experienced in blood donations. That is why we also cooperate in organizing blood donations. On the last occasion, organized jointly with the National Blood Supply Service, 54 of our employees became donors, said the Communications Director of Paks II. Ltd.