Paks II. Ltd. awaited the youth at university job fairs

3/5/20 8:00 AM
The visitors of the spring job fairs could receive information about the opportunities of the project company coordinating the construction of the two new NPP units at the unique stand of the Paks II. Ltd.

Those who attended Pollack Expo in Pécs at the end of February, could learn about the career options offered by Paks II. Ltd. The professional exhibition and conference „Pollack Expo 2020” of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University Of Pécs is one of the most prestigious engineering events of Hungary. 140 exhibitors attended the event, Paks II. Ltd. among them, during the two days of the events several interested checked the new stand of the company. 

– By attending these job fairs, our company has the opportunity to get in touch with job seekers from engineering, technical, IT, economical and other backgrounds. The direct contact is a great opportunity to show our current career and educational options – summarized communications director István Mittler. He added the unique stand was designed last year which serves the purpose to host visitors in the appropriate environment at professional exhibitions, conferences, job fairs. The stand itself provides a lot of information in itself thanks to its interactive tools and „talkative” interfaces, and the colleagues of the project company of the implementation of the two new NPP units complete with additional info. The colleagues of the Human Resources Division provide information with the help from the colleagues of the Operations, Technical and Communications Division not only about job and educational opportunities, but also about general and technical issues.

– Such events and meetings also provide the opportunity to get to know the career choices of the newcomers and their views on them. We can build on these experiences while forming our HR strategy – drew up István Mittler. 

Following Pollack Expo, the stand of Paks II. Ltd. which debuted last year, was attending the event of the University of Óbuda on 4 March. The students are expected to meet Paks II. Ltd. at further job fairs in autumn. 

The renewed webpage of the company not only serves as a tool for general information, but also for a wider information on educational opportunities and career options.