János Süli: the new NPP units of Paks built in international cooperation will be at the highest level of development

11/6/19 7:00 AM
The most modern units will be built within the Paks II. project in an international cooperation – said János Süli, minister without portfolio following the negotiation with the Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom in Paks. During the press conference, following the negotiation, Alexey Likhachev told that the project has more than 400 licenses already, and by the handover of the basic design documents, it has reached an important milestone.

On 5 November 2019, János Süli, the minister without portfolio, responsible for the planning, construction and commissioning of the two new units of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant reviewed the progress of the Paks II. project with Alexey Likhachev, the CEO of Rosatom.
Alexey Likhachev explained that they are working on the documentation regarding the implementation license application. In connection with this work, the handover of the basic design of the new units was an important milestone.

The Chief Executive Officer told that they are continuously strengthening the staff of professionals in order to hand over the whole documentation of the implementation license application to the Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd in spring 2020. The next milestone is the handover of the license application to the competent authority in the summer next year.

The project already has more than 400 licenses, including the final environmental license and the site license – highlighted the Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom.

– The cooperation with the Russian Party is more and more efficient. I am convinced the Contractor is able to meet the strict nuclear requirements regarding the nuclear regulations in Hungary and in the European Union – evaluated János Süli.

The minister told that the documentations received from the Contractor are checked by professionals of the Paks II. project, afterwards they will be handed over to the competent authority, the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, and to international professionals.

János Süli highlighted that the Paks II. project is a large international investment, that is verified for example by the latest result of the instrumentation and control technology tender, as the winner is the Franco-German Framatome-Siemens consortium. Furthermore, the turbines will be produced by an American-French global company, the General Electric-Alstom, told Mr. Süli as a reminder.

The minister emphasized that the new units of Paks will be the most modern, 3+ generation type, which technology meets the highest safety requirements.

– Without the new nuclear power plant units, Hungary would not be able to reach its climate protection goals. Paks II. means that 17 million tons of carbon dioxide emission will be avoidable per year, that is worth to compare to the fact that the whole emission of the transport sector is 12 million tons annually – answered János Süli to a question raised by a journalist.

According to the minister, the Paks II. project signifies an outstanding economic stimulus. He said that the construction works have already started at the construction and erection base and the minister highlighted that Hungarian companies do have the opportunity to be involved in the project.