János Süli: the European Union stands up for nuclear energy

12/5/19 6:42 AM
Every data, every statistic proves that we cannot choose any other way, we need the new nuclear power plant units – told János Süli in Szekszárd at the presentation of the joint economic publication of Tolnai Népújság and National Tax and Customs Administration. The minister without portfolio responsible for the planning, construction and commissioning of the two new nuclear power plant units of Paks reminded everyone the European Union also stood up for nuclear energy.

Tolnai Népújság held its traditional partner meeting in Szekszárd, in the Bodri wine cellar. The joint (with National Tax and Customs Administration) TOP100 publication was presented here to several dozen members of the county’s economic and public figures.
The publication also includes the Paks II. project and minister János Süli gave a detailed summary about it to the assemblers. The minister responsible for the project noted the 95,4% of the parliamentarians voted in favor of the construction of the new NPP units ten years ago. The intention and commitment of the government remains clear. He underlined that every data confirms this is the right way. Electricity consumption is constantly growing, the country’s import dependency is high. One-third of electricity demand have been covered by import for years, but there was a period when this share reached 54% - told the minister.
János Süli highlighted that nuclear energy – as a carbonfree way of energy production – can play a serious role in the fight against climate change and can have a significant share in the European electricity production, which is also evidenced by the resolution adopted by a large majority in the European Parliament. – The European Union clearly stands up for nuclear energy – he said.
The minister also reported about the current status of the project. He told the implementation license application will be submitted to the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority by 30 June 2020. Construction is already underway at the construction and erection base, which was approved by the EU. Necessary steps were taken in order to start the site preparation ground works. An amendment to the relevant government decree is on the agenda. – Everything will be done according to European practice and nuclear safety requirements, it does not bring any relief, does not modify regulations and requirements, and the authority's supervisory powers remain unchanged. Any implementation activity may continue only after obtaining the implementation license – underlined the minister responsible for the project.
János Süli also mentioned those enterprises who can be found in TOP100 brochure, based on their performance, can certainly join the Paks II. project.