The gross domestic electricity consumption grew by 0,5% last year

1/30/20 7:00 PM
The gross domestic electricity consumption reached 45,66 TWh in 2019, which means a 0,53% growth compared to 2018.

Based on MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd’s fresh data published on its webpage, by 243 GWh, slightly more than 0,5% grew the domestic electricity consumption compared to last year. The share of domestic power plants in the national electricity production was 72,44%, while a further 27,56 percent was from imports.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant is still biggest electricity producer, last year it generated 16,2 TWh electricity without emitting any carbon-dioxide. This was 49% of the national electricity produced. Coal and lignite fired power plants produced 11,6%, gas-fired 26,6%, oil fired power plants 0,1%. Electricity produced from renewables contributed with 12,3%, 4 TWh to the electricity generation.
Hungarian Energy And Public Utility Regulatory Authority also published a recent database on electricity prices. According to this in December 2019 the German consumers paid the most for electricity in the European Union. 1 kWh electricity costs 32,74 eurocents, ie HUF 108 in Germany. Meanwhile, in Hungary, sitting at the other end of this list, the consumer price of electricity is HUF37 (11,31 cents) per kWh.