First hand information

1/27/20 7:00 AM
Paks II. Ltd. informs the locals of the region about the actualities of the investment in its new campaign.

The new information campaign of Paks II. started with the motto „Paks II. is the clean energy – We build it for you too”. In the following months the locals of the neighbouring 67 settlements in Tolna and Bács-Kiskun counties can learn about the project via roll-up sets.

Paks II. puts a great emphasize on the project’s region. It is of utmost importance to inform the locals regularly. A cornerstone of this information is the local and regional media which regularly shows news about the project. In order to fulfill the need for information about the investment, the information palette is always expanding: the information tent debuted in Spring 2019, during Autumn 2019 about 70 settlements received an A/3 information poster called „What’s new, Paks II.?”, and since November a unique designed stall strengthens the information tools of Paks II.

The new exhibition presents not only general information, but a few important aspects of the project as well, and the visuals of the the new NPP units can be seen too.

Since today five settlements’ residents can get new information, the first ones are in Solt, Felsőnyék, Regöly, Kajdacs and Bátya, who can check the news for two weeks since 27 January. Following this the information panels await the interested in the public institutions, mainly in town halls in Szekszárd, Iregszemcse, Simontornya, Hajós and Géderlak. The last stations will be in November 2020 Tengelic and Paks.