Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Gergely Jákli
Chairman of the Board

Dániel Mendelényi
Member of the Board

dr. Tamás László Fellegi
Member of the Board

Supervisory board

Zsolt István Incze
Chairman of the Board

Ferenc Berki  
Member of the Board

dr. Attila Vétek
Member of the Board

András Péter Vitézy
Member of the Board

Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky
Member of the Board


Gergely Jákli
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

József Eck
Deputy CEO

Róbert Griljov
Managing Director, Acting Licensing and Quality Supervision Director

Áron Benedek
Human Resources Director

Viktor Berki
Director for EPC Contract Management and Communication with the Contractor

Szabolcs Zoltán Horváth
Chief Financial Officer

dr. Zoltán István Kárpáti
Legal Director

László Gábor Kiss
Program Director

Péter György Rákóczi
Communications Director

Krisztián Szarvas
Technical Director

dr. Zsolt Turi
Facility Security Director

Organisational Structure