Together for climate protection

Nuclear power plants cannot be ignored in the fight against climate change. Nuclear energy generation is one of the least carbon-intense way of producing energy, which means we get electricity without emitting any greenhouse gas (mainly carbon-dioxide). This is important for the fight against global warming. 

Paks II. will prevent more CO2-emission (17 mil tons), than the complete CO2-emission of the Hungarian transport sector (12 mil tons). This amount is about three times the amount which can be absorbed by the forests of Hungary (6 mil tons/year). 

According to the May 2019 publication of the International Energy Agency, if new nuclear power plants are not built or their lifetime extensions are not managed, global security of supply and meeting climate protection goals could be in danger. By 2040, the international organization forecasts a further significant expansion of built-in nuclear capacities, according to their expectations, the share of nuclear can increase from 11% up to 18%. According to the World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency, the goals of the Paris Agreement can be met only if the share of nuclear increases to 15% at least.